Customer Retention

How does Hyperk help you to retain your customers

Retention is the most challenging task for any business owner. Most of the businesses require substantial returnign customers to build a profitable business due to enormously high customer acqusition costs.

  • Customer driven loyalty program
  • Mobile app to track goals, and rewards
  • Customer can view upcoming offers
  • Customer can view the rewards earned or savings done so far
  • Build goal oriented programs
  • Build custom campaigns for different set of customers
  • Run multiple campaigns and create custom rules
  • Any changes made to the campaigns are reflected in real time

Businesses like yours use Hyperk

Accoring to HBR study, millenials prefer to buy from stores having both online and offline presence, providing them convenience and trust.



Grocery stores

Pet stores




Home kitchens

Dessert parlour

Repair shops

Juice parlours

Book stores

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