Works for Instrument brands, reseller stores and amazon sellers

Bring your customers more often to your store & drive revenues

Works for both in-store sales, online sales and services
Customer acquisition is expensive. Focus on bringing back old customers back to your customer & drive revenues.

Add incentives and engagement methods to bring back your customer more often to your store. Provide customers with incentives such as First free tuning or a Free tutorial or provide extended warranty coverage & drive revenues.

Grow your business, one loyal customer at a time.


All-in-one Customer Experience Suite for your business

Digital Warranty

Customer Data Platform

Rewards & Offers

Productize your maintenance services

Sales & Service Records

Reminders & Notifications

Add-On Services

Cross Sell Products & Services

Provide paperless warranties & contracts

Provide accessible, actionable warranty to your customers or if you are a re-seller running your store, add a service/maintenance contract along with the instrument.
You can make it free or provide it to customers for an extra little charge.


  • Manage warranties more effeciently
  • Build a long term relationship with customers and ensure they return to your store
  • Add a small reward card along with each equipment to bring back the customer

    Add a reward to ensure that the customer visits you back or choose you for any future maintenance works or purchases.
    For example, Sign up as a member & earn a first Free Service for your guitar.


  • Bring back the Customer to your store & sell more
  • If you are selling online, build a direct realtionship with the customer and ensure they buy more of you
  • Productise your services and Promote

    Use Hyperk to create products out of your service and sell them not just at your store or online but also at other relevant places.
    For example, create a product card for service like 'Guitar tuning for Rs.X' and keep it on your counter for sale or keep it at other relevant places such as music training school for cross promotions.


  • Increase Footfalls & revenues
  • Make your services a professional business
  • Add an Info label to each product and gather customer insights

    Add a label to each equipment providing its maintenance information or FAQ and other important stuff that might be useful to the user.
    For example, Add a product card to guitar. User will scan and register with your business and will be able to view how to maintain that guitar and what things to keep in mind. Also, you can send alerts to customer when its time for a service or if they would like to get it tuned or change their string etc.


  • Collect Customer Data
  • Create opportunities to bring back the Customer
  • What makes Hyperk a unique solution for you?

    Ready to Use QR labels

    Simply stick it on your products & activate your campaigns

    This approcah makes Hyperk distinct in two major ways:

  • Uses your best marketing asset - your product
  • Flexible and Agile
  • Customers engage with your brand at time of their convenience

  • You can either choose a sticker or a card, depending on your product packaging. We custom design, print & ship the labels to you in 2-3 business days.
    Activate the labels inidvidually or in bulk before you place it on your product packaging & get started with your camapgin in minutes.

    A powerful backend

    Run & manage multiple campaigns customised to your needs

    Hyperk is a completely flexible platform that allows you to do a variety of things to engage with your customer and drive customer back to your store.

    Create paperless warranties, maintenance contracts, rewards, offers, feedback forms etc. & manage customer & sales data - all in one place.

    Designed for instrument brands, reseller stores or amazon sellers

    A system that works without any hassles

    Activate Labels

    Go to Hyperk business portal & Activate labels individually or in a batch.
    At this time, you can also add/edit camapigns & forms linked to the labels from your portal.

    Put label on your products

    You can either put a sticker on the product packaging or place a card within your packets, depending on the nature of your product packaging.

    Customer scans the Label

    Customer will sign up with your business. Fill the custom form you configured & become your member.
    When a customer scans the code, you receive a notification on your portal.


    We are happy to help !

    Send us an email at ‘’ and our team will help you get setup your business acount. Pick your campaign & numbers of labels you require. We will ship you the labels in 2-3 business days. Put it on your products, activate & you are all set!

    Absolutely! You can scan each label and configure it individually or choose to do it in a batch.

    You choose between stickers or labels and the number of labels needed. We design, print & ship you beautiful, accessible labels in 2-3 business days.

    This solution works absolutely frictionless for both online sales and offline sales. All you have to do is add a label to eery product you sell.

    Absolutely! We have a library of recommended templates. You can pick from those or build a new one for one or a bundle of labels.

    Indeed! You own the customer data for users who scan your label & sign up with your business. We provide you reports and insights based on customer activity, interactions etc.


    We are waiting to hear from you!


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