Looking for high lifetime value customers in the crowd of bargain hunters?

Loyal consumers buy 90% more often, spend 60% more per transaction and are five times more likely to return to your business.

Hyperk allows your business to hyper target individuals with high LTV and engage with them effectively, increasing your retention rates.


Why HyPerk?

Customer driven Loyalty Program

First of its kind
Our product is a fresh take on otherwise age old loyalty management practices. We use insights from consumer psychology and incentives to build a modern product that works.

Customer Involvement
Unlike other programs where the information and participation is driven by businesses, HyPerk involves customers from step one- enrolling for membership.

Ease of Use
Hassle free easy to use Mobile App for Consumers make it easy for them to participate in your loyalty program and be constantly engaged with it.

Hyper Target Customers

Real Time AI Generated Triggers
HyPerk’s AI engine creates tailor made strategies for each customer depending on his profile, purchase behavior, external triggers, location and so on.

Right Incentives for each User
Our AI engine creates personalized incentives for each customer depending on his profile, purchase behavior, external triggers, location and so on.

Discourage bargain hunters
Reward your customers for their loyalty. Use stickiness features to discourage bargain hunters and incentivize loyalty.

Own your Customer Data

No cross-selling to customers
We do not cross promote stores. Your rewards can be redeemed at your store and your customers will never see any promoted businesses.

Know your customers thoroughly
With all the data about your customers such as customer profile, transaction history, items purchases, credits, time, location etc, you can create better strategies.

Health check of your expenses
Keep a check on profitability of your reward programs for each customer. Make real time changes to your program to better suit your financial requirements.

Tailor made Strategies

Unique incentives for each User
Our AI engine provides hyper targeted insights for each user to help you engage with them more effectively. No more blank discounts.

Build loyalty your own way
You can choose your own program from a wide array of suggested options. Modify them when needed, depending on the performance of each program.

Grow your loyalty
Right incentives at the right time will help you build a loyal customer base that exponentially increases footfalls to your business.

What makes Hyperk unique

Easy to adopt Solution

A simple mobile application both for businesses and customers.

Flat Subscription Fees

Pay us an annual subscription fees without any sales commissions or hidden fees.

Unified across Outlets

Run the program across all your outlets with easy reconciliation at all times.

Higher rate of Adoption

A customer driven program works better than traditional loyalty programs.

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