Build engagement -
Drive customers to buy more, more often

Every business requires unique ways of engaging with their customers.
Hyperk’s all-in-one Customer engagement suite with smart automation lets you customise & run unique engagement programs for your customers.

What makes Hyperk unique

Customer acquisition is expensive.
Use Hyperk to increase customer stickiness & drive repeat sales.

We understand that each customer is different and has different motivations to engage with your business. Now, engage with them in a way that gets them excited.

Hyperk enables your business with a flexible Customer engagement program. You can customise the rewards, terms & conditions, customer actions, messages for each customer or use specific templates.

We ship you beautifully designed QR labels. Go ahead and put it on your packaging and we take care of the rest.


Who can use Hyperk

Offline Stores

Want more repeat footfalls to your store?

Use Hyperk as a plug n play loyalty platform.

Provide your customers with easy to participate loyalty programs, add-on services & personalised offers.

Aamzon Sellers/ Wholesalers/ Distributors

Expensive customer acquisition and no way to bring back the customer?

Build a robust loyalty program and bring your customers to buy more, more often. Additionally, capture Customer data & gather feedback

Service Shops

Seeking to convert those one time service calls into long term relationships.

Maintain customer service records, Provide digital warranty cards, service contracts.

Build trust & win your second call.


All-in-one Customer Engagement Platform

QR Labels

Choose between stickers & cards based on your product packaging. We will ship it to you in 2-3 business days.

Step 1

Sign up with Hyperk & choose the number of labels you want to buy. We will design, print and ship the stickers to you.

Step 2

Drop the sticker along with the package at the time of sale. Activate it & fill the sale details for future reference.

Step 3

Customers scan the code & sign up with your business. Perform the required action & earn the rewards.

  • Loyalty Program: Provide points or stamps for every product customers purchase from your brand.

  • Warranty/ Assurance Certificates: Provide your customers with accessible, easy to understand warranty cards for your products or services.

  • Service Contracts: Provide digital service contracts to your customers that are accessible anytime and actionable.

  • Authenticity labels: If you are in a space where your brand struggles with counterfeit products, add an authenticity label to you product to win customer's trust.

  • Action oriented Rewards: You can ask customers to fill a survey or provide feedback etc. & reward them
  • Business Portal

    A complete mobile Customer engagement platform for your business.

    Step 1

    Sign up your business with Hyperk and pick your labels. We will ship them to you in 2-3 business days. Hyperk can be accessed as a mobile app or desktop app.

    Step 2

    When you activate a label, it creates a record in your portal. You can add more details to the label like product number or invoice number etc. for better insights.

    Step 3

    You get notified when the customer registers. Use the insights to segment customers & run targeted campaigns to bring them back to your store.

    Run one or multiple campaign. Stop anytime.

    Responsive Webpage for your customers


  • Customise Rewards & actions
  • Customise Terms & Conditions
  • Customise Workflows & forms
  • Manage

  • Customer, interactions & Sale records
  • Voucher Redemptions
  • Insights

  • Customer Segmentation & Target Campaigns
  • Analytics
  • The Customer View

    Customers interact with you in two ways - Scanning the labels or via promotional messages

    Step 1

    Customers scan the QR labels placed on package. Signs up with your business & activate the sticker.

    Step 2

    Sticker can be a freebie, contract or points for a loyalty program. Customer needs to perform the required action to earn the reward.

    Step 3

    Customer will get timely notifications, personal messages, offers from your business.

    Rewards & Offers

    Customers can earn rewards & get notified for new offers from the businesses.

    Warranty & Contracts

    Customers can view product warranties or service contracts on this portal. If there is any action required from the customer, that can also be done.

    Business Webpage

    Customers can view mobile responsive websites and read testimonials, catalogue and much more.

    Contact Form

    Customers can send requests to the business either for service or purchase. Customers can also log a complaint from this portal.

    Everything you need to drive more business

    Beautiful, accessible QR labels

    We ship you beautifully designed QR labels for your products. Activate the label & ship it with your product.

    Loyalty, Rewards & Offers

    Use QR labels to run robust loyalty programs, send targeted rewards, run specific campaigns.

    Warranty/ Assurance Certificates

    Use QR labels to provide warranty for your products. You can configure the terms & conditions of the contract.

    Service Contracts

    Use QR labels to provide accessible service contracts to your customers & turn those one time service calls into long term relationships.

    Customer Data

    Capture customer data, gather feedback, run product surveys in case of new product launch and much more.

    Custom Workflow & Forms

    Customise the workflows & forms for your campaigns. For example, collect customer phone number or email, or birthday or city.


    Check out how Hyperk can help your business

    Retail Stores

    Music. Sports. Cycle. Fitness. PetFood. Speciality Food

    A loyalty program that works for walk-in customers as well as delivery. Engage your customers where they are! Send them offers to bring them back to your store.

    Read More

    Amazon Sellers

    Food. Beauty & Personal Care. Health. Electronics. Home & Kitchen

    Selling via channels and have no direct connection with your customers. No more!
    Use Hyperk to collect customer data, gather feedback, reviews etc.

    Read More


    Home kitchens. Exhibitors. Customised Products. Art Sellers

    Your business is unique & hence your customer engagement should be unique.
    Create QR stickers & drop it in every package you ship or sell.

    Read More


    AutoRepairs. Third party Appliance Repair. Wheel Alignment

    Running a service business. Turn one time service call into long term service relationships. Provide service assurance certificates, extended warranty converage etc.

    Read More

    At Home Services

    Cleaning. Appliance Repairs. Furnitures & Finishings

    Convert your one time service calls into long term service contracts
    Provide your customers with maintenance contracts, service assurance cards, or warranty cards.

    Read More

    Restaurants & Cafes

    Casual Cafe. Cloud Kitchens

    A loyalty program that not works for walk-ins but also for deliveries via third party marketplaces.
    Reach out to every customer eating your food..

    Read More


    We are happy to help !

    Send us an email at ‘’ and our team will help you get setup your business acount. Pick your campaign & numbers of labels you require and make a purchase. We will ship you the labels in 2-3 business days.

    We charge per label code. You can customise campaigns for each label or assign the same campaign to a bundle of labels.

    You choose between stickers or labels and the number of labels needed. We design, print & ship you beautiful, accessible labels in 2-3 business days.

    This solution works absolutely frictionless for both online sales and offline sales. All you have to do is add a label to eery product you sell.

    Absolutely! We have a library of recommended templates. You can pick from those or build a new one for one or a bundle of labels.

    No. You simple pay per label and you can access your business portal for free. We maintain the records for a label for a year since last activity.

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